Michael Nolte

Graduate architect and economic engineer
Managing Director and Dept. Head of project management and architecture

Michael Nolte

Mr. Michael Nolte is a managing director of CANZLER GmbH with the right of sole representation of the company and runs the office in Hamburg. As an architect he is entitled to sign off official planing documents. His duties include the development of overall concepts for the use and optimization of commercial real estate, general planning, con­sul­ting advice on the purchase, sale, and letting of real estate, and the management of all types of structural engineering projects relating to new structures and conversions. With regard to real estate marketing, Mr. Nolte undertakes specialist technical con­sul­ting task, coordinates overall planning tasks, and devises interdisciplinary concepts for letting. He helps landlords and tenants formulate and realize personal wishes.

  • At CANZLER since 2003
  • Managing Director and Dept. Head of project management and architecture
  • Head of the Hamburg office
  • In 2010 graduated in Engineering and Business from Friedberg University of Applied Sciences
  • 2002-3 RREEF (formerly DB Real Estate Ma­nage­ment) 
  • 2002 Arthur Andersen Real Estate
  • 2002 degree in Architecture from the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt/Main
  • 2001-2 Jo Franzke, architecture firm, Frankfurt/Main


Specialist areas




  • Training and meeting places
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Retail and malls
  • High-rises
  • Hotel + hospitality
  • Computer centres and telecommunications buildings
  • Transport structures
  • Housing


Selection of projects supervised 


Further training


  • Project management at AK Hessen
  • Costing in structural engineering, WEKA 
  • Construction law and fire prevention 




  • Deutscher Verband der Projektsteuerer
  • Hessen Chamber of Architects