Fire protection - planning and consultancy

Structural and technical fire prevention protects lives, the environment, and your material assets.

In new builds and existing buildings alike, smart fire prevention concepts guarantee adherence to building law, technical regulations and norms, while providing standards and certainty with regard to deadlines and costs. CANZLER comes up with solutions which, as well as meeting your fire prevention goals also optimize your expenses with regard to planning, implementation, and running. The result: buildings that retain their value in the long term, boast high flexibility, and can be put to multi-purpose uses.


  • Guarantee of structural and plant fire prevention
  • Identification of economic risks
  • Preservation of safety level during operation
  • Minimization of liability risks, e.g., owner and operator responsibility
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  • One-stop shop structural and technical fire prevention
  • Building surveillance and commissioning, initial and periodic inspections
  • Expert opinions and reports
  • Preparation of escape and rescue plans and fire fighter plans
  • On-site visits with inspections / Audits during service life to make building operator aware of the issue
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