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Our values and visions.

Our values and responsibility.

Code of Conduct of the SOCOTEC group

The SOCOTEC Group takes a clear stance: as a leading company in the construction, infrastructure and industry segments, we are aware of our responsibility to act ethically and sustainably at all levels. We live our values every day in our dealings with our teams, our customers and our business partners.


Living our values

"Let our joint actions set an example!"

Hervé Montjotin

Abiding by the law

We act in accordance with the law which guarantees the reputability of our company. We always behave with integrity and responsibility and are committed to ethical standards and values.


Respectful cooperation

The most important asset of the SOCOTEC Group are our employees. Diversity enriches our company and increases our success. Equal opportunities and respect for international human rights are our core values. All employees are obliged to respect these values.

Preventing discrimination

There is no place for any form of discrimination within the Group. Any violation will be resolutely prosecuted. Only the development of skills as well as professional performance may determine the assessment and advancement of employees.


Behaving as role models

Identification with our performance

The diligence, consistency, integrity and third-party-independence of our performance are the core of our self-image. Our employees abide by this self-image and convey this to our customers, partners and suppliers.

Protecting intellectual property

We protect our intellectual property. All employees of the Group commit themselves to protect the brand SOCOTEC as well as the brands of the Group and not to harm them.

Protection of personal data

We guarantee the protection of all internally and externally collected personal data in accordance with the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation (DPRG).

Avoiding conflicts of interest

Fair and balanced competition is a prerequisite for healthy business relationships. Every employee undertakes to comply with the valid law and to avoid cartels and anti-competitive practices. Personal interests that conflict with those of our company are to be avoided.

Preventing undue advantage

Any act of active or passive corruption and the resulting unethical behavior of one or more employees must be reported and prosecuted internally. An internal ethics committee shall bring about clarification and appropriate sanctioning. Whistleblowers enjoy the special protection of our company.


Protecting resources

Environmental protection and sustainability

We are committed to limiting the negative impact of our activities on the environment and complying with international regulations. All employees of the SOCOTEC Group participate in these efforts in their daily work.

Prevention and risk minimization

We ensure the safety and promote the health of our team through comprehensive prevention and a responsible approach to operational risks.

Code of Conduct of the SOCOTEC group



For us the compliances of the global SOCOTEC Group apply.

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Strengthening transparency


The SOCOTEC Group provides an anonymous whistleblower system to identify compliance violations at an early stage and to confidentially communicate unethical and illegal behavior within the company to our internal reporting office. For more details, please refer to the whistleblower guide.