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IBC - Tenant fit-out for Universal Investment

General planning of a tenant fit-out during ongoing operations with integration of a computer centre in the rental space
The multi-tenant property IBC Tower is part of the three-part office building complex IBC. As consultant and project manager CANZLER supported the letting and marketing of open spaces and took over the planning and supervision of the conversions as general planner for architecture and technical equipment. CANZLER planned for the investment company Universal Investment the reconstruction of the 10,000 m² office and conference areas as well as the integration of a 100 m² data processing centre in the heart of the rental area as a room-in-room solution. The implementation during ongoing operations required special protective measures. The computer centre was connected to the existing generator and a newly installed UPS. The racks were networked via fibre optic connections and fire protection monitoring was carried out via newly installed smoke detectors and a gas extinguishing system. The connection of all systems to the building control system was planned and monitored. The estimated project duration was shortened by a coordinated construction process and the space was made available to the tenant ahead of schedule. As cost and project manager CANZLER took over the delegable building owner functions in representation of the foreign owner on site and managed the project in terms of the project objectives.
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Object details:
Tenant fit-out of office space incl. a computer centre in a high-rise building
SITQ / Universal Investment
Köhler Archi­tekten / Canzler (Mieterausbau)
10.000 m2

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