Terms of Use

Use of the collaboration systems provided by CANZLER is permitted only in a business capacity. Private or unlawful use (for example, use that violates personal rights, data protection, copyright or criminal law) is expressly prohibited. Likewise, neither the interests nor the reputation of CANZLERGmbH may be harmed, nor may the security of the IT systems be compromised.

Some functions allow the sharing of content, for example files with third parties. If content is shared with third parties, care must be taken to ensure that neither personal data nor confidential content is shared with unauthorized persons who have no right to view this content.

If the user's own access data should become known to other persons through an oversight, the user is obligated to immediately inform the project manager at CANZLER.

If the using person becomes aware of third-party access data, it is prohibited to use this data to gain access to the third-party user account. However, the user is obligated to inform CANZLER immediately.


The collaboration systems are available 24 hours a day. However, there may be interruptions in availability due to maintenance required for the system. Interruptions in availability may occur, among other things, due to force majeure or other causes for which CANZLER is not responsible, such as intent or gross negligence.


CANZLER points out

- that it is technically impossible to provide the services free of errors of any kind, and that CANZLER therefore assumes no responsibility for this.

- that errors may lead to the temporary shutdown of individual services.

- that the availability of these services is dependent on conditions and performance outside CANZLER's control, such as transmission capacities and connections between the individual participants. We are not responsible for disruptions falling within this scope.