Value Engineering in hotel planning

Integrated con­sul­ting and quality assurance for hotel operators and owners

CANZLER supports hotel operators and owners with con­sul­ting and quality assurance services in the modernisation, maintenance and project development of new hotels. The integral con­sul­ting approach aims, for example, at bundling upcoming revitalisation measures or to let operation and maintenance processes flow into the planning. The result is function- and cost-optimized planning - misinvestments due to delayed repairs or costly operating and maintenance processes are avoided. Investments are thus planned with foresight over a longer period of time.

By Dr. Gerhard Braunmiller, Office Manager Munich, CANZLER GmbH


Concentrated refurbishment - instead of superficial renovation

Experience has shown that a superficial modernisation of the bathrooms without an assessment of the underlying pipelines carries a high economic risk if it is established two years later that the pipelines in or behind the newly renovated walls need to be replaced. In the course of the value engineering Canzler considers here for example the condition as well as repair intervals and derives holistic approaches:

  • In the portfolio a detailed examination and evaluation of the entire hotel property is carried out, in which all measures are recorded with expected time, probability of occurrence as well as costs and risks.
  • Possible scenarios are compared by means of a sensible bundling of measures by bringing forward or postponing individual maintenance work
  • This results in a holistic concept, after all necessary maintenance can be carried out in a sensible and cost-saving manner, coordinated with upcoming renovation and modernization measures.
  • Canzler supervises and accompanies the entire measure also in planning and execution, takes over control and quality assurance measures or coordinates construction measures during operation.


Planning future investment needs

In view of the usual useful life of equipment and technology in the rooms, higher investments can be expected after only ten years. The bathrooms and sanitary facilities will need to be replaced at the latest when they become worn out. The useful life of air conditioning and refrigeration systems, on the other hand, is set at approx. 15 years, while different lifetimes apply to each component, such as fittings or heating.

Regular technical due diligences are the basis for sensible investment planning with regard to maintenance and modernisation. Experience has shown that it is advisable to carry out these at intervals of about five years.


  • Recording and evaluation of plant condition and maintenance backlog
  • Forecasting and planning future investment requirements with the aim of optimising costs and quality
  • Claim Ma­nage­ment - securing warranty and other rights against third parties
  • Reduction of the technical default risk
  • Optimisation of operating and running costs
  • Preparation of letting and sale

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