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You want to move things forward, assume responsibility, and realize your ideas? We offer you a stellar team, challenging projects, and interesting clients.

Canzler. Realizing your goals.

We are CANZLER - staff members in conversation

My job at Canzler

Birgit Loeflath

The maxim at CANZLER is to work independently and on your own responsibility.

At 50+, Birgit Loeflath wanted to set the course once again for the last ten years, with a challenging task in a motivated team where she could contribute her experience.

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Eike Riggert

At CANZLER you can grow as a person.

For Eike Riggert, it is important to be able to work in a self-determined and autonomous manner and thus to advance projects.

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Stephanie Drahmen

Seamlessly combine study and practice.

At the beginning of her studies, Stephanie Dahmen also started her professional life at CANZLER.

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Albert Holzhey

There's always a way, even if it's not in a straight line.

How Albert Holzhey went from being a master butcher to a building automation expert at CANZLER.

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birgit Kaiser

Canzler helps me balance my career and my family.

As a mother of two, my everyday life needs to be really well organized - and it helps a lot if your employer plays along.

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Heiko Töllich

Something that touches your heart and thrills you has got to be good, doesn't it.

Project manager, fitness coach and passionate dancer. 200% dedication to the job and the sport.

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Manuel Kaufer

Have faith in yourself and just do it.

Successfully balancing a career and family works in a team with fantastic colleagues.

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Mathias Behrens

There is quality in every detail.

Every CANZLER project is driven by the experience of countless of our colleagues – to the benefit of our clients.

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Jens Kuhnert

It's life-time learning.

Which makes the project work interesting, but sometimes challenging, too.

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