General planning

Are you looking for a reliable planning partner for your construction project, one who will do the entire planning jointly and severally? As a general planner CANZLER pools its expertise and assumes responsibility for the planning in all areas, from the very first sketch of the idea to commissioning.

Our interdisciplinary project planning teams supervise your construction project to the standard you can expect from CANZLER. Our certified project management ensures continuity in the planning process and the highest of quality with regard to planning and execution. Thanks to short internal communication channels we create synergies – all for your benefit. As your sole contact partner we assume responsibility for the efficient, holistic, and target-oriented management of your project.


  • All in one
  • Short channels spell reduced planning time
  • Reduction in number of interfaces and target-oriented project management losses
  • Reduced error risk
  • pooling of liabilities
  • Holistic approach
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  • Fixed planning team with one contact partner for the duration of the project
  • Customized processing of your construction assignments with selected specialists
  • Execution of all HOAI service levels
  • Efficient flow of information through internal project management
  • Optimum interface coordination
  • Greatest possible risk assessment / minimization
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