Technical due diligence

Your real estate entails opportunities and risks. Is refurbishing or converting it worthwhile? Or would demolishing it and building a new structure be more economical? CANZLER provides economic transparency by means of a professional survey and investigation of the real estate's structural, technical, and energetic condition.

On the basis of this analysis we estimate the real estate's marketability, its flexibility, its environmental and sustainability standards, as well any structural and technical investments that might be necessary to improve its market value. Finally, you receive from us a transparent catalog of recommendations with meaningful investment measures.


  • Assessment of the maintenance backlog
  • Forecast of future investment requirement
  • Short, medium, and long-term budget planning
  • Claim management - securing of warranty rights and other rights against third parties
  • Reduction of the technical breakdown risk
  • Preparation of letting and sale
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  • Building scans
  • Technical due diligence
  • Professional surveys of the structure, building services, and fire protection
  • Cross-trade documentation of defects and warranty management
  • Conformity check for adherence to building permission and current norms and guidelines
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