The changing world of work

Bringing office and home office together

Future Workplace Strategies

The combination of flexibility and personal interaction is reshaping the world of work.

According to current statistics, over 50% of office workers in Germany favour a flexible working model that includes both home office and office work. The current trend in office space design is characterised by the establishment of the home office in the office working world and its influence on new office concepts.


The hybrid working world has become a reality

The ability to work from home leads to increased job satisfaction and productivity among employees. This development requires a rethink in office design and utilisation. A reorientation in the design of modern office workplaces is therefore essential. The pandemic has highlighted the need for flexible adaptation of working environments. However, this is not just about the choice of work location, but about a comprehensive redesign of work organisation.

This development has led to a considerable redundancy of office space, with studies showing that an average of 40% of office space remains unused. This requires a rethink in the design of work and office environments. High-quality, flexible and versatile office workplaces are becoming increasingly important. One promising concept is activity-based working (ABW), which offers different workspaces for different activities.


Effects on the office property market

Despite initial scepticism, many companies have accepted this new form of working, although the trend is not towards a complete shift to working from home. The balance between home office and office work is essential to maximise productivity while maintaining social interactions and company culture. Research shows the positive effects of working from home on job satisfaction and the importance of personal interaction in the office environment.

Another important aspect is the social interaction that only takes place in the office environment. Research by Harvard Business Review shows that personal interaction is essential for teamwork and corporate culture. Integrating these findings into the planning of modern working environments enables a way of working that fulfils both individual and company requirements. This helps to promote a healthy work-life balance and supports the sustainable utilisation of human and infrastructural resources.


Establishing future-proof solutions

Overall, the design of workplaces that efficiently combine home office and office work offers a future-proof solution that considers both employee satisfaction and operational efficiency. This is where CANZLER's expertise in office planning comes in to develop innovative concepts tailored to the needs of the modern working world. With a profound understanding of the needs of the modern workplace, CANZLER develops customised solutions that meet both the functional and aesthetic requirements of office environments.

CANZLER's approach is characterised by a holistic view of sustainable and future-proof workplace design. It ranges from the conception of spaces that promote flexibility and efficiency to the integration of advanced technologies that enable a smooth connection between home office and office workplaces. CANZLER combines home office and office work in innovative workplace concepts, focusing on employee satisfaction and efficiency, and offers tailor-made solutions that combine functionality and aesthetics with technological innovation to create sustainable and future-proof working environments.