Together to the final goal.

Our values and visions.

The way we interact with each other every day significantly determines the success of our company. CANZLER has always defined its values and its guiding principles and lives them within the company. Through the merger with SOCOTEC, this code of practice has been comprehensively expanded to include the areas of white-collar crime, equal opportunity and anti-discrimination.

Our mission statement

"With our passion and expertise we are truly reliable partners for our clients."

Andreas Masiorek
Managing Director

Client satisfaction

Our clients value our passion, our technical prowess, and our innovative capabilities. We place great importance on transparent con­sul­ting, planning, and management with regard to our projects as this enables us to guarantee quality, costs, and deadlines.


Rapid, wide-ranging technological developments and ever more complex assignments are constantly changing our work: A seemingly infinite momentum that creates room for fascinating innovation.


We feel that there is beauty to be found in each and every assignment and entrance our clients with innovative ideas and approaches. We examine our clients' wishes and our partners' specificiations closely to get the most out of every assignment, with the knowledge gained being strongly to the benefit of on-going processes and future projects.


We act and make decisions independently in the interest of our clients and are firmly committed to supporting them and making the project a success.

Employee development

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We ensure that each and every employee finds space for self-fulfillment at work and at home.

Sound Approach

All our endeavors are subject to the sound planning of resources and capital. We are growing continuously and organically. Through strategic partnerships and shareholdings we develop new markets, thereby ensuring the future success of the company.

”For two generations now Canzler has stood for quality in con­sul­ting, planning, and control – and our exe­cu­tives are strongly continuing this tradition."

Bertram Canzler
Adviser to the Executive Board

Donate and sponsor

We support social engagement and educational institutions

Over the years, a multi-layered donation and corporate giving culture has been established in our company. These range from the support of our employees' personal local projects to the financial sponsorship of technical colleges and universities to our annual corporate donations. We help where it is most urgently needed. CANZLER also encourages and supports the personal and voluntary commitment of its employees with additional days off or flexible working hours.



Our next target: CO2-neutral con­sul­ting, planning and control.

Canzler. Safely to the final goal.

Sustainability begins with our own actions.

Canzler Green Deal - On the way to emission-free company

As one of the leading con­sul­ting and planning companies in the field of technical equipment for buildings, we also support our clients in matters relating to the Blue and Green Economy. The linking of economic and ecologically sustainable actions is playing an increasingly important role, as the real estate sector is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases. Here, we are developing sustainable concepts to ensure that tomorrow's world remains livable for future generations.



Corporate carbon footprint

Systemic approach and constant control!

We stand by our responsibility as a company and in 2020 we started to compile a comprehensive carbon footprint of our business processes. We want to constantly monitor and evaluate our carbon footprint and continuously reduce it in relation to the total number of our employees.


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