I really like working in our highly motivated team.

Have faith in yourself and just do it.

On the great amount of freedom, flexibility, and responsibility in the job.

How would you describe yourself?

I am very precise, obsessed with detail, and have high expectations of myself and those working with me. I'm also pragmatic, neat, foresighted and curious. In my job I see myself as a service provider. That requires flexibility and a certain curiosity when it comes to unknown terrain.

What has your career at CANZLER been like?

I started out as a project team member, later becoming a project leader, and ultimately a project manager with a team of internal and external colleagues, before being made departmental head. Nowadays I am responsible at CANZLER for client development, communication with clients, as well as personnel management and support. I also coordinate meetings, am responsible for quality assurance and project controlling, and am involved in project management and project work.

Is any one project special for you?

The discussions for the European Central Bank in Frankfurt required extreme accuracy and the greatest meticulousness from all involved if we were to be able to deliver the requisite quality, and that all spelled: immense specialist knowledge. On account of the fact that we came on board the project late we had to come up with customized solutions to meet each new situation and couldn't fall back on the plain vanilla variety.

"We work very independently and in the best sense of the word integrally."

Liking your job - what is that for you?

I really like working in our highly motivated team – fantastic colleagues, who are almost always proactive in offering support. Our team is spread across all of Germany and boasts a high level of expertise. It is extremely committed and does not shy away from new, unfamiliar tasks . That's a bit like my motto in life: Have faith in yourself and just do it. I learned that when I was studying to become a real estate administrator. I chose that particular field of study not least because of the huge potential the different challenges in the real estate sector offered. While I was studying I also had various internships and embarked on my career immediately after graduating. Before I joined CANZLER it took me to Turkey and almost to Cairo.

How do you reconcile the challenges you face in your job with your private life?

I very much appreciate the fact that CANZLER gives its employees a large amount of freedom, flexibility, and responsibility with regard to getting their work done – this way I can structure my daily work routine to suit me. My free time is largely determined by my family, personal needs tend to play second fiddle. However, it's important to me to find a balance for the concentration required at work – and management respects my personal family time. For which I'm extremely grateful, as this reflects the standards I myself have in terms of treating one another responsibly, a sense of justice, and social skills.


A trained real estate administrator, Manuel Kaufer is an authorized signatory and departmental head of FM Solutions in CANZLER's Dresden office. He is responsible for client development, communications with clients, as well as personnel management and support.