To me, standing still means going backwards. 


Senior FM & Workplace Con­sul­tant

Canzler gives its employees the freedom to push forward new topics and vision, to try things out and break new ground.

CANZLER relies on the know-how and life experience of its employees. 

I advise and support corporate clients in the fields of facility management, workplace con­sul­ting and change management. I develop new workplace concepts that are individually tailored to the client's needs, determine their requirements and develop strategies for existing properties and new buildings. In addition, I create concepts for infrastructural services and accompany tenders. Another field of activity is project management, in which I support the client as project manager.

... and what excites you about your work?

What I enjoy most is working with an interdisciplinary team to develop solutions for the customer and to accompany this development. I also support the Munich location in acquisition and strategy development and organise and moderate the Canzler onlineIMPULSE!

So far, all projects have been exciting - due to the large number of people working on the projects, the client's requirements and the mostly tight time frames. Good and direct communication is important. It depends on it whether you can make a big difference or, if things go badly, whether an entire project collapses.

The maxim at CANZLER is to work independently and on your own responsibility. You have the freedom to push forward new topics and visions, to try things out and break new ground.

And how is it in the team?

I started here during the Corona pandemic, but everyone still took care of me - colleagues and management alike. The team spirit here in Munich, but also across all locations, is really great. You have short distances to the management, get the necessary support and can do what you like to do.

"The maxim at CANZLER is to work independently and on your own responsibility."

How did you get to CANZLER...

I always wanted to work with people, which is why I trained as a hotel manager and then went on to study facility management. This was followed by exciting years in sales and con­sul­ting functions for corporates such as Oracle and AXA in Germany and the DACH region. At 50+, I then wanted to set the course for the last ten years once again with a challenging task in a motivated team where I could contribute my know-how and experience and applied to CANZLER in Munich.



Birgit Loeflath, Senior FM & Workplace Con­sul­tant, is a trained hotel manager. She studied Facility Ma­nage­ment and has additional training as a Scrum Master (Agile Coaching). In her free time, she does a lot of sports in the mountains or enjoys her paradise at Lake Wörth. After all, life is simply too short for sometime.