There's always a way, even if it's not in a straight line.

From master butcher to building automation expert.

How Albert Holzhey ended up at CANZLER.

You are a project manager on the technical plant and equipment team at CANZLER. What do you like about your work?

Being a very free agent as a project manager while always having to keep an eye on us delivering the right quality in-budget and in-time. The upbeat mood on the team, not to mention the considerate working relationship between us all, which leaves sufficient room for personal development. I'm an optimist and in a good mood most of the time, which I think my colleagues, and not just those in Munich, appreciate. I like surprising my colleagues, and indeed friends and family, with my spontaneity. And – this is crucial in my job:

"I want to know how something works properly".

What was your most challenging project so far?

Working on the construction of the new European Central Bank building in Frankfurt/Main, I came on board in the middle of things, when construction was already under way, and subsequently optimized the building automation. Before joining CANZLER I was on projects such as the construction of a new administrative building for 2,500 employees for the HUK Coburg insurance company, and one for the State Environmental Agency in Augsburg, or Terminal 2 at Munich Airport that really "defined" me. I was the building automation project leader, coordinator, and later on increasingly acted as a mentor.

"Mentor" sounds like you gained loads of human and professional experience in your job. How did it all begin?

At 27 I began retraining at night school. There is a really good system in Germany, and I would recommend it to anyone, as you can acheive a lot off your own bat. I was interested in technology in general, not in any particular field. My decision in favour of building automation was the best I ever made in my career, as it is a broad-based technical trade that requires knowledge of HVAC, as well as electrical and network enginneering. Previously I was a master craftsman in my parents' business. I became aware of CANZLER two years before I joined. I think I've got things right so far. I have made my mark at CANZLER and am very well integrated, part of the family, so to speak.

And what goes on outside the "family"?

I spend my leisure time with my wife, family and friends, but also have a lot of space in which to get lost in my own thoughts, which for me has something meditative about it. Swapping thoughts and ideas with them gives me support and inspiration with regard to private as well as job-related issues. Most of all I enjoy being surrounded by nature and being in the mountains: Cycling along trails, mountain climbing, skiing, swimming in mountain lakes, or in the sea off the beaten tourist track. Best of all in a camper full of outdoor equipment. From Munich it's very easy, you can get out of the city in no time at all! With its excellent transport connections Munich is ideal for me – from a professional as well as a private point of view.


Albert Holzhey (born 1956) is a master butcher, a graduate engineer in Physical Technology and one of the CANZLER building automation experts. He is head of the Munich office, where he is technical director and responsible for project management.