It's never too late to learn.

At CANZLER I have an opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

CANZLER enables employees to attend fit-to-purpose in-company and external further training courses.

I am currently responsible for project and employee management in the Fraport project office, and pass on my knowledge in the company as a mentor. As project leader I am responsible at CANZLER for the construction of Terminal 3 at Frankfurt Airport, currently the company's biggest project, and as such am involved in one of the largest projects in Germany per se. Specifically I am responsible for HVAC planning services.

The technical and human complexity of the projects is challenging, but makes the work all the more interesting, as you have to take the various interests of all those involved in the project and planning into consideration. That applies to nearly all our projects. I like the diversity of the tasks and the fact no two projects are alike just as much as I do the friendly atmosphere in the team, which is very diverse. I also rate the very flat hierarchy in the company highly.

Colleagues, friends and family say I am pragmatic, analytical and am willing to listen – to my colleagues, my family, and in my free time occasionally to music undisturbed, nowadays to my parents' records again – sometimes I'm more fascinated by the "warm" and by no means perfect sound of vinyl than to a digitally compressed stream. I'm interested in technical things and thanks to my manual skills this always comes in useful in my private life, and it's never too late to learn. There are always new challenges at work and at home. My credo, to paraphrase Oliver Wendell Holmes:

"We don't stop learning because we grow old, we grow old because we stop learning!"

That's my approach to further training as well. During my years at CANZLER I have always had an opportunity to develop professionally and personally. In this respect Canzler enables us to attend internal as well as external further training courses, and that is a huge plus for employees.


Jens Kuhnert began his career at CANZLER as an engineer specializing in technical plant and equipment and is now an authorized signatory and head of the Frapiort project office at Frankfurt Airport. A trained gas fitter and plumber he completed his study of Technical Building and Infrastructure Ma­nage­ment with a Master's in Engineering.