Canzler helps you balance your career and family.

Working independently is encouraged, as is an interdisciplinary approach.

How Birgit Kaiser balances a job and a family, and still has time for voluntary work.

What was your first major project for CANZLER?

The Investment Banking Center Frankfurt was my first major project for CANZLER. What made it so exciting were the specific requirements on account of the type of building and its use, with all manner of user requirements. All construction sector trades were involved in the project. My duties included planning the ventilation systems, and internal project organisation.

"At Canzler no two projects are the same, as they all involve different challenges."

Working independently is encouraged, as is an interdisciplinary approach that goes beyond one's own actual field. The working environment is relaxed, with nice colleagues. We work with, not against one another. From day one! My new colleagues offered me a very warm welcome and quickly got me involved in projects.

Nowadays at CANZLER I am an HVAC planning engineer in the Berlin office, where I am in charge of the planning of technical heating, ventilation and sanitation equipment, as well as for advising on facility management issues, basically organizational con­sul­ting, FM during construction as well as tendering and awards processes.

A career, bringing up children, and voluntary work – is it possible to balance all three?

As a mother of two children my everyday life needs to be well organized. My family and my colleagues have given me a lot of help, which is why my professional circumstances have had a very positive impact on my personal life. And CANZLER makes it possible for me to work from home if the project allows.

Alongside bringing up the kids, sewing is the hobby that takes up the most of my time. I do voluntary work in a non-profit association that sews children's things for premature babies and children with a short life expectancy. Sewing encourages creativity and it's a great way for me to switch off. Working for the association strengthens a sense of community and in our dog-eat-dog society it's nice to do something for others.


Birgit Kaiser, who was born in 1980, works in our Berlin office as an HVAC planning engineer and FM consultant. She graduated with a degree in Engineering, majoring in Technical Building Services, from the Stralsund University of Applied Sciences, and embarked on her career at CANZLER in Frankfurt/Main.