Facility management during planning and construction

Thinking about the later operation of your real estate even during the planning stage – the basis for this is CANZLER facility management during planning and construction. Thanks to early demand assessment all the established parameters, as well as conceptual solutions form part of the planning procedure. This way your real estate can be analysed in detail during its entire life cycle.


Based on the influencing factors usage, sheath, and building services, CANZLER draws up a facility management working basis that is optimized for the subsequent operational phase. The suppositions made on the basis of the analyses are used in the planning and execution in the various performance stages (from the study through to acceptance). This way FM processes can be defined early on and various plans for the later operation of the building tested.


  • Holistic FM planning for a building taking the impact on the cost of operation of the building into consideration
  • Development of conceptual solutions for efficient operation
  • Investment decision taking the building processes into consideration
  • Optimized space usage, flexibility, height and operating concepts
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  • Needs analyses, concepts and requirement profiles
  • Quality assurance and planning monitoring
  • Lifecycle as well as technical and economic studies of possible variants
  • Preparation of operating concepts
  • Definition and adoption of construction documentation in the operation of the building
  • BIM
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