SIGNA - Expansion Galeria Kaufhof

Development of an operator concept and facility management con­sul­ting accompanying planning for new construction and expansion during ongoing operation
SIGNA Real Estate Ma­nage­ment Germany GmbH is developing a new building project to complement the Galeria Kaufhof, consisting of a high-rise and a timber-framed building. Office and retail space are planned as uses. The existing department store is to remain in use during the entire construction project and will be extended over the new construction areas. A largely separate development of the types of use is planned. CANZLER is supporting the planning and construction phase of the project from the operator's point of view with facility management con­sul­ting and concepts. In the process needs and requirements for planning are determined from an operational point of view, and the invitation to tender and awarding of facility service contracts are prepared and supported.
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Project data

Object details:
New construction of a 32-storey high-rise building and a 7-storey timber-framed building in addition to an existing department store
SIGNA Real Estate Ma­nage­ment Germany GmbH, Berlin
45.000 m2
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