Demand management

Which resources and services are necessary for an economical building and efficient facility management? Alongside space and service provider otimization there is huge potential in demand management for improving the entire facility services. Following a joint analysis, CANZLER compiles a catalogue of requirements with regard to cost effectiveness, efficiency, and efficacy of the infrastructure.


  • Securing the best value added chain in the core process
  • Exhausting technical and economical potential
  • Increasing user satisfaction
  • Prioritizing demand in facility management (SLA / KPI)
  • Risk analysis of the operational concept and risk elimination
  • Demand-based optimization of processes and services
  • Cost and service transparency
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  • Determination of the current status of infrastructure, resources and services
  • Long-term organization of processes and services
  • Reflection on demand - specification of requirements
  • Demand optimization - use of resources and services with a focus on actual needs
  • Requirement analysis - identification of concrete requirements
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