Commissioning management

Has your real estate been running smoothly from the outset? CANZLER offers you cross-trade commissioning management for the on-time completion and smooth commissioning of your building.

The linking of construction process and building services and their overlapping functions derived from developer and user requirements are of major importance for on-time completion, as the share and complexity of Technical Plant and Equipment in buildings are increasing all the time. Thanks to our commissioning management experts your requirements in terms of the building's functionality are ensured at the time of completion and your real estate can go operational smoothly as planned.


  • Experienced technical coordination of all planners and trades involved in the project for the commissioning of a building
  • Implementation of the client's and user's specifications with regard to operating efficiency and individual controllability
  • Timely test runs, fault-free acceptance and on-time completion with all individual, system and cross-trade functions
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  • Separate consideration of the "commissioning" task through the use of an efficient, experienced team for the commissioning management
  • early integration into the planning process
  • Creation of suitable monitoring concepts and evaluation procedures
  • Controlling of the commissioning tasks whikle heeding the conditions of the construction contract
  • Conducting of coordinated commissioning and acceptance including comprehensive test runs and inspections of operating principles
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