Main Airport Center

General planning services for extensions to new and follow-on leases of office space as well as the implementation of necessary repair measures to electrical systems
CANZLER will assume the general planning contract for the existing property and will assist the owner in leasing the building, provide technical support for lease negotiations, and prepare occupancy plans, cost estimates, tenant construction descriptions, and schedules. After conclusion of the lease agreement, planning services will be provided in accordance with the HOAI service specifications. In addition, the fire protection expert and, if necessary, other specialist engineers were also coordinated. The planning and construction period for the tenant improvements listed below covered a period from mid-2016 to the end of 2018. An area of approx. 8000 m² of rental space was prepared for IQVIA on the 5th floor, 4th floor and first floor. In addition to modern office workplaces, a conference area and a data center were built. For Dell, an area of approx. 4000 m² rental space was prepared on the 7th floor. In addition to modern office workplaces, a conference area and a computer center were also built. The rented space was then supplemented by a further 300 m² of office space on the 8th floor. An area of approx. 140 m² of rented space was prepared for Dexerials. In addition to modern office workplaces, a WC core was developed. CANZLER took over the communication and coordination with the tenants, the facility and property management and also coordinated the tenant installations, especially for the IT technology.
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Project data

Object details:
Office building incl. underground parking and canteen, 11 upper floors, 1 basement, multitenant building
Finch Properties Asset Ma­nage­ment GmbH & Co. KG
55.000 m2