LBBW Head Office

Investigation and documentation of the actual condition of technical equipment systems as well as evaluation of the rehabilitation backlog and preparation of a maintenance forecast
The actual condition of the technical systems at LBBW's headquarters in Stuttgart was to be recorded with the aid of detailed documentation, and a priority list of maintenance measures was to be derived with the help of a status report. CANZLER reviewed the required documentation and compared it with the actual condition. A "red flag report" summarized basic statements on the maintenance condition of the structural and technical systems, integrating current maintenance planning and measures already planned or commissioned. The current operating and ancillary costs were checked by benchmarks and plausibility verified. A detailed evaluation and assessment recorded and prioritized the anticipated maintenance expenditure, including a cost framework, which was optimized through the sensible and structured bundling of measures, the identification of potential savings and the reduction of operating costs. At two workshop meetings with the client and the operator, the maintenance planning was set down. As part of the measures, CANZLER also prepared an assessment regarding the sustainability and energy efficiency of the entire complex.
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8-story office and administration complex in the direct vicinity of the main train station with conference and service areas and an employee casino
BW Immobilien
204.000 m2

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