Quality management

CANZLER's tried-and-tested quality management ensures planning deficiencies or construction faults are recognized early on and thus subsequent costs minimized. Through regular quality audits we ensure a smooth planning and construction process from the planning stage through to operations, not to mention the economic running of your real estate.

During the planning stage we check and assess the technical contents of the contract so as to minimize the risk of a later delay in construction or unforeseen increases in costs. During construction we ensure the quality specified in the contract for the entire contract. We help you when the real estate is operational by monitoring and optimizing your facility services in line with agreed quality standards.


  • Avoidance of planning faults and poor workmanship and consquently significant reduction in the amount of structural damage
  • Increased deadline and cost certainty during the construction stage
  • Increased return / efficiency through quality of workmanship and improved cost-effectiveness
  • Reduction of warranty risks
  • Operational quality assurance with monitoring of service provision
  • Respect of operator responsibility
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  • Analysis of contracts, processes, and relevant planning documents
  • Status analysis, actual-target analysis, inspections and building site checks
  • comaprison of construction work performed with contractual agreements
  • Approvals / inspections
  • Documentation (quality controlling)
  • Plausibility check
  • Conducting of audits of performance, contracts, costs, quality
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