Portfolio Due Diligence Hotel properties - Blackstone

Analysis of hotel real estate in the run-up to acquisitions and modernisations for quality assurance and value enhancement  
On behalf of Blackstone Real Estate CANZLER appraised various hotel properties in the 3-5 star comfort segment at 13 locations throughout Germany. With an interdisciplinary team of experts and surveyors CANZLER analysed and documented the condition of construction, finishing and technology and recorded the defects found. Costs for the removal of defects and repairs were assessed according to urgency and the overall condition was estimated for a period of 10 years.   In order to increase the market value of the properties, CANZLER carried out analyses of various concepts for modernizations and changes of use of the properties.
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Project data

Object details:
Across Germany 13 hotel properties in the 3-5 star comfort range with a total of 4,000 rooms
Blackstone Group
150.000 m2
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