New build IKEA City Store

 Planning eco-friendly and energy-efficient facilities technology for the new build of a furniture store – including new marketing concepts
Using a new customized supply concept, IKEA wants to convince as many visitors as possible to shop without relying on a car. This includes a delivery service, “furniture taxis”, a car-sharing concept and cycle parking spaces as well as an extensive car and van lending service. CANZLER planned extensive, sustainable technical equipment for the new build featuring the following highlights: - Heating / cooling using water-conducting surface systems (e.g., ceiling radiation slabs) - Needs-based ventilation (regulated by CO2content) with 100% outdoor air - Highly efficient heat and cooling recovery with evaporation cooling - Use of heat pumps and condensing boiler technology - Multi-split system (about 70 indoor units) for customized room temperatures in offices, meeting and technical rooms. Realized as a VRF system (3-stage) with internal heat recovery to transfer waste heat to the ventilation plant - Mechanical smoke extraction plant running at 100,000 m³/h - Heated truck and car ramps to avoid icing in winter
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Project data

Object details:
Furniture store in a pedestrian zone as a “Citystore” complete with restaurant; 4 upper floors, 730 parking spaces on the rood, underground truck park for goods deliveries
DFZ Archi­tekten
40.000 m2

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