Hamburg Airport - Project Ma­nage­ment

Framework agreement for extended project management and con­sul­ting services for construction and conversion measures in all areas of the airport
Flughafen Hamburg GmbH (FHG) planned constructional and structural redesigns of the terminal and operations buildings during ongoing operations. The overall project affected the company's Real Estate Ma­nage­ment, Aviation Security / Flight Operations and Transportation / Leasing divisions, so that the needs of multi-layered user groups had to be taken into account. Because of their spatial and thematic interdependence, there were interdependencies and increased demands on security and logistics at the construction sites that had to be coordinated. CANZLER provided con­sul­ting services for project organization as well as project management services including user and risk management services in several projects at different project stages: - Backflow protection for non-Schengen space. - New construction of a meeting pavilion in Terminal 2 - Replacement of windows in the helicopter squadron building - Expansion of combi office in building Riegel C - Renovation of the former rice market in Terminal 1 - Renovation of the WC facilities in Building 172 - Construction of a lightweight hall on the apron CANZLER provided AHO Phase 1 for the construction of a new conference center and for the construction of the DLH interim lounge in Terminal 1 and accompanied the preparation of a feasibility study for the conversion of the helicopter squadron.
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Airport with 2 terminals for approx. 17 million passengers and over 160,000 aircraft movements per year
Flughafen Hamburg GmbH
5.700.000 m2

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