Former Main Post Office

Tendering and awarding of contracts for technical and infrastructural facility services to determine a total service provider in the interim phase during construction as well as in regular operation
The "Denkmal.neu" group of companies opened its second "Living House" in the renovated and listed building of Leipzig‘s former main post office. The concept integrates many corresponding functions in a mixture of residential and commercial areas. CANZLER coordinated with the client the scope of services of the technical and infrastructural facility management, put the services out to tender and prepared the award of the contract. All technical and infrastructural services such as operational management, object management, maintenance cleaning and care of the outdoor facilities had to be planned from the interim operation during the construction phase to the regular operation. In addition, the requirements for the use of the building were to be taken into account, taking into account the protection of historic monuments. As the plant stock was not yet fixed at the time of the tender, the prices were evaluated using a matrix of unit prices.
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Project data

Object details:
Refurbished and listed existing property with new buildings and extensions for residential and commercial use
The Post Development
80.000 m2
© denkmalneu GmbH, Fotograf: Holm Basedow