Hamburg / Hafencity

Ericus Contor

Basic evaluation with inventory analysis, creation of a target definition and invitation to tender for FM services with subsequent selection of bidders and monitoring of the award of contract
The technical and infrastructural facility services for the "Ericus Contor" in Hamburg were to be put out to tender again. The building, built in 2013, has a double-skin glass façade with room-high windows and external sun protection that can be controlled room by room. Air conditioning is provided by a concrete-core cooling system. CANZLER carried out the tendering and awarding of the FM services in a very short time window in order to continue the regular operation without friction after the termination of the contract by the existing service provider. The scope of services included the basic evaluation, the data and performance analysis, the preparation of a detailed target definition, the preparation of the tender documents and the preparation of the award of contract as well as the selection of bidders and the support of the one-stage award procedure. In the process, any interfaces that might arise due to cross-building facilities had to be taken into account.
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Project data

Object details:
9-storey office building with high-quality rental space and underground car park in Hamburg Hafencity
TRIUVIA Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft
Henning Larsen Architects
30.000 m2
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