Administration building Otto-Braun-Straße

Electrical planning during refurbishment and modernisation measures under conditions of monument protection during ongoing operation.
The listed building ensemble was built in 1930/1931 for the department stores' company Rudolph Karstadt AG according to a design by the Karstadt building architect Philipp Schaefer. Used as police headquarters in GDR times, the complex was due for extensive renovation. After the refurbishment, the office building is used by the senate administrations, the Berliner Immobilien Ma­nage­ment GmbH (BIM), the offices of the State Criminal Police Office and as Police Section 32 - Berlin-Mitte. CANZLER provided the planning in the cost groups 440 power installations and 450 telecommunications and IT installations in the work phases 1 to 7 and proportionately 8 (quality and cost control). The building was equipped with a modern, high-speed data network and state-of-the-art security systems, considering the requirements for the protection of historical monuments.
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Project data

Object details:
Seven-storey listed administration and service building for approx. 2,000 employees.
Planungsbüro Rohling AG / Bauherr: BIM Berliner Immobilienmanagement GmbH
Phillip Schäfer (1931), Ge­neral­pla­nung Sanierung pbr Planungsbüro Rohling AG (2007)
66.700 m2

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