The 2022 business year


CANZLER looks back on a successful financial year 2022. We achieved a fee volume of around 31 million euros and thus exceeded the growth target it had set ourself. With the largest acquisition in terms of personnel, CANZLER further strengthened its architectural and general planning division at the end of the year. This track record is in line with the SOCOTEC Group's growth strategy, characterized by steadily increasing expertise and ambitious market targets. For 2023, CANZLER expects a moderate increase in revenue despite the current challenging environment.


General planning projects, planning projects for technical equipment as well as project management and FM con­sul­ting tasks in the private and public sectors were decisive for the company's success in 2022. "There is increasing demand for studies on energy optimization or audits on sustainable building operation in addition to ongoing major projects in planning as well as quality controlling," explains Andreas Masiorek, Managing Director of CANZLER GmbH.

CANZLER has traditionally focused on working with commercial clients and managing real estate projects with uses such as offices, production, logistics or transport infrastructure such as Frankfurt Airport. Through strategic acquisitions and the cooperation of the SOCOTEC companies, primarily with ZPP INGENIEURE, a leading company for engineering services in the construction industry, it has also been possible to increasingly realize projects for public institutions such as schools and daycare centers as well as for private investors in the social housing and luxury segment.


Outlook 2023: Turnover and profit increase of approx. 40 percent

Major projects continue as before, including the FAIR particle accelerator facility in Darmstadt. New orders have been received for expansion/refurbishment projects of logistics properties and larger residential projects in Munich. The Mainz site is working on the completion of a timber hybrid administration building by the end of the year. FM Consulting advises BMW on quality assurance and carries out ESG certifications for an international hotel group. CANZLER is seeing an increase in orders for ESG-TDDS for energy concepts and energy refurbishments.


Regarding this year's outlook, Masiorek says: "CANZLER is expected to have increased its turnover by around 40 percent over the last five years by the end of the current financial year. Due to our organic growth at existing locations and as a result of acquisitions, our company has now grown to 230 employees spread across ten locations."


Professional and regional goals

"In addition to the sales targets, we are aiming for organic growth across the board. In Hamburg, we plan to double the team in the next few years. We want to further expand the area of project management and FM con­sul­ting as well as the service profile of sustainability con­sul­ting," comments fellow Managing Director Andreas Broßmann.


In the area of architecture, the focus is on integrating the new locations in the Hanover and Mainz area into the

Within SOCOTEC Germany, cooperation in the area of real estate has been further intensified by several companies moving into a joint office at the Munich location; it is being continuously expanded.


Broßmann adds: "Along with this, we have consolidated our three CANZLER offices and fully integrated the two planning offices that have been added. All teams - architects, building services and structural engineers, project managers and FM consultants - are now located close together.  The shorter communication channels and the cross-trade collaboration have had many positive effects.

The dynamism and growth within SOCOTEC in Germany reflect many years of expertise and ongoing commitment. "With every successfully implemented project, every new location and the dedication of every team member in the Infrastructure & Energy, Construction & Real Estate and Civil EOD & Recovery divisions, SOCOTEC's reputation in Germany is growing and consolidating its position as an important pillar of the SOCOTEC Group. Together we are pioneers for sustainable, energy-efficient and safe solutions in modern construction," sums up Ludger Speier, CEO SOCOTEC Germany.