How much new construction can our society take?!

13.05.2022 08:30 – 09:00

The CANZLER-OnlineIMPULSE! - our online event series in form of a fresh business breakfast for all interested parties from the construction and real estate industry - presented on the topic of workplace on May 13, 2022: 


"How much new construction can our society take?!"


The trend in the construction industry goes in the direction of 'from old to new' - the magic word is relocation or revitalization! This results from the shortage of new building sites, the large number of existing buildings and is often seen in the context of sustainability.

How does revitalization become a success, what are the constraints and how can the proverbial 'redevelopment trap' be avoided?      

Together with our managing director, Michael Nolte, we highlighted the tension between sustainable refurbishment and use of existing buildings versus immense costs, and discussed this with the help of practical examples.


Unfortunately, you were not able to attend or would like to listen again afterwards?  Here you can watch the recording of the event:

Event from 13th May 2022:
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