St. Lukas Church

Planning of the technical equipment for the renovation of a listed church building from the 19th century with decentralised warm air heating, new object and effect lighting, additional WC cores and media technology.
The Evangelical Lutheran parish church of St. Luke in Munich is a sacred work of art of the Historicism of the late 19th century. The listed sacred building was not damaged during the Second World War, so that the original interior decoration was preserved. A new utilisation concept for the house of God provided for church and non-church events with up to 1,500 spectators and made it necessary to renovate the building and all the technical equipment. CANZLER planned the HVAC and ELT systems for the renovation of the sacred building and the adjoining homeless shelter in accordance with the preservation order. A comprehensive media concept was planned. The difficulty was integrating the technical systems into the listed building. The central recirculating air heating system was redesigned into a decentralised warm air heating system with significantly better air distribution, and a humidification system was planned for the air ducts of the organ. Additional WC cores and media technology were planned for the new use. The lighting system was expanded to include object and effect lighting.
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Object details:
Listed sacred building with dome building in the style of historicism and an associated residential building for the homeless
Evang.-Luth. Dekanatsbezirk München
LRO GmbH & Co. KG
5.100 m2

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