SIGNA - Karstadt Mönckebergstrasse - Autarkic position

Planning and site supervision of the structural and technical separation of two department store buildings during operation, taking into account the security of supply as well as the protection of historical monuments
The client SIGNA Real Estate Ma­nage­ment Germany GmbH is the owner of the property "Karstadt-Thaliahaus" in Mönckebergstraße and plans to separate the building part "Thaliahaus" structurally and technically from the main building. The main building will remain in use and will continue to be operated by the tenant Karstadt on a permanent basis. The "Thaliahaus" annex is to be structurally and technically separated and extensively revitalized and converted as part of a project development. For this purpose, demolition work and the conversion of the technical supply of both buildings to self-sufficiency are required. CANZLER is providing the architectural services for the construction of the structural infrastructure and separation of the buildings. In close coordination with the owner, the tenant, the licensing authorities and public utilities, the necessary structural and technical measures will be prepared, planned and implemented, taking into account the maintenance of permanent operations in the shopping center.
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Project data

Object details:
10-storey building complex with shopping center and office building
SIGNA Real Estate Ma­nage­ment Germany GmbH
54.000 m2

Provided services