Museum Depot Munich

Planning and project supervision of the technical equipment systems for the full air conditioning and fire protection of a new art depot building with low technical and financial expenditure and low operating costs.
The new building of one of the largest museum depots in Europe was constructed in the urban industrial estate "Am Freimanner Hölzl" near Munich and expands the storage capacities of the museums in the state capital. The almost square and closed solitaire, with a façade of tinned, silver-grey, and diamond-shaped scaled copper sheeting, opens inwards to an incised courtyard. Up to 2.5 million art and cultural objects can be stored in the depot under stable climatic conditions. CANZLER planned the technical equipment systems and supervised their implementation. The focus was on the realisation of optimal room climate conditions for the stored art and cultural assets, with the lowest possible temperature and humidity fluctuations and at the same time the lowest possible operating costs. Due to the exclusion of automatic extinguishing systems because of the stored material assets, an intelligent fire protection concept was developed consisting of a depot-by-depot shutdown of all fire loads, smoke detection and smoke warning systems as well as smoke extraction concepts. The reinforced concrete solid construction with a highly insulated building envelope is tempered via a concrete core activation system. Heat is supplied via district heating, cooling via a reversible heat pump system that also supports the heating. Humidification and dehumidification were realised via steam humidification and adsorption dryers, respectively. The new building undercuts the requirements for annual primary energy consumption by 81 per cent. The building was included in the list of "Exemplary Buildings. Energy-efficient building in Bavaria" of the Bavarian Chamber of Architects.
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Project data

Object details:
Four-story storage building/art depot for approx. 2.5 million assets
Landeshauptstadt München
Schmidt-Schicketanz Planer GmbH
12.800 m2

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