LOY - Student residence with day care centre

Development of an overall energy concept for a property consisting of several existing buildings, including a church, with integration of the existing technology
A holistic and sustainable energy concept was to be developed for the entire property of the Evangelical Lutheran Deanery District of Munich with several buildings. While developing the energy concept, CANZLER examined the efficiency of different energy sources and proposed the conversion to district heating for the entire property, including the church building. Due to the different and superimposed uses and the usual floor height in residential construction, the measures were implemented within an intelligent house concept. The addition of a storey to the existing building was carried out as a lightweight construction for structural reasons. Since the existing building continued to be operated during the measure, the new strands had to be integrated into the existing building with minimal intervention.
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Project data

Object details:
New construction of a six-storey student residence with 38 flats, day care centre for approx. 100 children and underground car park; addition of two flats to the existing building and five-storey gap between the new building and the existing building with a total of ten flats.
Evang. Luth. Dekanatsbezirk München
Felix+Jonas Archi­tekten GmbH
3.200 m2

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