Daiichi Sankyo Europe - Foyer

Design, planning and implementation of the redesign of the entrance hall of the European headquarters of Daiichi Sankyo Europe into a representative foyer using innovative 3D planning tools and production technology.
The Japanese pharmaceutical company Daiichi Sankyo has its European headquarters in Munich. As part of the extensive redesign of the headquarters, the entrance area was also to be transformed into a prestigious foyer in which the reception area with lobby, central mailroom and IT are harmoniously integrated. Architectural design, object design and the production of the elements formed an inseparable unit in this project. CANZLER developed an overarching spatial concept for the two-sided foyer, which structures the multi-storey, light-flooded space and ideally stages the new objects. In the air space, which tapers upwards, the architects contrasted the vertical access elements with a color-changing double helix structure of interlocking chain curtains, which both stage the waiting area and separate it from the foyer area. The side surfaces facing the office bars are greened and covered with color-coordinated glass surfaces. The two counters are positioned as dynamic amorphous elements to the right and left of the helix, thus delimiting the foyer to the sides. Both were planned as prototypes in 3D, produced using 3D printing, assembled on site and provided with a uniform surface. The space-creating elements were optimized using modern visualization techniques and produced using 3D printing technology.
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Object details:
Interior design and furniture construction using innovative techniques.
Daiichi Sankyo Europe GmbH, München
Huber Lischka Archi­tekten
360 m2

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