Bayer AG - Building S 107 - Conversion of laboratory floors

Partial conversion of a 15-storey laboratory building with complete conversion of entire laboratory floors in several construction phases during ongoing operation.
The S 107 high-rise laboratory building was built in 1973 according to plans by the architects Kiemle, Kreidt und Partner for Schering AG in Berlin-Wedding and is now used by Bayer AG as a laboratory and office building. For further operation, it was necessary to adapt the structure of some laboratory floors to a changed use, including the associated substantial modernisation. CANZLER supervised the execution of the installations in cost group 440 during the complete conversion of the 4th-6th and 9th-12th laboratory floors. All systems were renewed from the existing power supply from busbars. The conversion was carried out during ongoing operation.
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Project data

Object details:
15 storey laboratoy building with complex techical facilities.
Bayer AG,
a5 Planung
5.331 m2

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