Barbara Eberhard Kindergarten

Planning of the technical equipment for the new build of a childcare facility in timber construction.
Lebenshilfe Starnberg is a provider of various care facilities in the district south of Munich. In Starnberg, the organisation built an integrative kindergarten with two crèche groups, a regular kindergarten group and three curative kindergarten groups for the inclusive care of about 80 children with and without disabilities. The wooden building with spacious rooms is in the middle of greenery. The building parts enclose an atrium with a foyer and a multi-purpose room. CANZLER planned the technical equipment for the new building, in which a large part of the equipment had to be integrated at an early stage due to the wooden construction. The house is heated via a wood pellet system. The full kitchen and the dining room are equipped with mechanical ventilation with heat recovery. As this was a predominantly donor-funded project, a very tight cost concept with high-cost certainty was followed.
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Object details:
Care facility as an integrative children's home for the care of around 80 children with a crèche, kindergarten, and curative education day care centre as well as a full kitchen and dining room.
Lebenshilfe Starnberg gGmbH
Fritsch + Tschaidse Archi­tekten GmbH
1.900 m2

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Foto: Stefan Müller-Naumann