Airport Frankfurt - Terminal 2

Preparation of a contractually secure cost distribution key for a property with several owners at Frankfurt Airport to calculate airport fees and incidental rental costs
Frankfurt Airport is the largest German airport and one of the world‘s most important aviation hubs. Terminal 2, opened in 1994, consists of several buildings. Two of these buildings were constructed in structural combination with the remaining terminal buildings and partly use common infrastructure. By means of a declaration of partition, special property was separated from common property. A legally compliant distribution key had to be drawn up for all real estate-related costs, which is the basis for settlement between the owners and can be used to calculate airport fees and to pass on incidental costs to the tenants. CANZLER checked at the beginning whether in the past the processes resulting from the owners‘ association were handled in accordance with the ground lease and the declaration of partition. For this purpose, the ownership relationships with the areas of responsibility and cost allocation had to be depicted and allocated down to the level of individual technical plant components. On the basis of notarized contracts and closure and partition plans, the technical facilities and their media supply and operating areas were recorded for each area and a register of facilities was compiled on the basis of this analysis.
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Frankfurt Airport, Terminal 2, passenger terminal building with shops, catering, railway facilities and underground car park
Fraport AG
470.500 m2
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