WiredScore con­sul­ting/certification services


Video conferencing or cloud applications, hardly any application works offline in everyday office life anymore. As a survey by the Internet node operator DE-CIX from November 2022 shows, office employees lose around one working week in a year due to slow Internet connections. But the building itself, which enables users to access individual services, also affects employee productivity. CANZLER evaluates both digital infrastructure and smart building technologies using the WiredScore SmartScore and WiredScore Office certifications to give owners and project developers a competitive edge in office leasing and to show where untapped potential lies dormant or where improvements are needed. Through SOCOTEC, employees from the FM Consulting division have undergone training at WiredScore to become SmartScore Accredited Professionals (AP) and WiredScore Office (AP). Accordingly, they are authorized to perform the internationally recognized audits and advise clients on how to achieve desired levels of certification for office buildings or new construction projects.


"In existing buildings, for example, the WiredScore assessment system helps to unlock unused potential in the digital infrastructure or, if necessary, to identify improvement measures and transparently evaluate the added value for the owner," explains Martin Preuße from CANZLER's FM Consulting. "With hybrid work models, as they have become established since Corona, it is even more important to make buildings more resilient to a total loss of Internet connectivity and to increase comfort for users in order to create a productive working environment. These aspects are increasingly important to tenants."