New work at the BSH Hausgeräte headquarters


-Office space at the Munich headquarters of BSH Hausgeräte has been completely renovated, converted to optimized space concepts and new working environments have been created to make the location more attractive. CANZLER has taken on the project management for the 27,000 square meter refurbishment to ensure that the work is carried out to the desired quality and that deadlines and costs are met.


With the "MCW space optimization" project in Munich's Carl-Wery-Strasse, Europe's largest household appliance manufacturer is pursuing the goal of determining the changed requirements for the use of space on a total of 76,000 m² of office space in the buildings occupied in 2004/2005 and implementing new concepts in agile workspaces. The aim is to provide around 3,000 employees with a perfect "working experience". Depending on the orientation of the area, spaces and workstations have been individually conceived and designed. What all areas have in common is a community space with a kitchen, meeting areas, conference rooms and places of retreat.


CANZLER's Munich office was commissioned to manage the conversion measures and implement the new space concepts of around 27,000 square meters. This included the awarding of contracts for services across all trades with BSH service providers and support for project management. In order to solve complex detailed issues on site together with the client, someone from the project management, assistance and electrical planner team was always available on site from the start of the project in 2021 until its completion at the end of 2023. "There were a few challenges to overcome," explains project manager Heiko Töllich. "All work was carried out during ongoing office operations in compliance with health and safety guidelines. Existing areas with closed cellular offices had to be dismantled and unprecedented concepts had to be built. We had to rectify existing defects that only emerged during the conversion, and service providers from all trades had to be coordinated."  


Planning to the day

CANZLER took over the individual awarding of contracts as part of the SAP management processes for maintenance and procurement measures and provided support with the planning, taking into account fire protection and building physics requirements. The refurbishment during ongoing operations required detailed construction schedules for each construction phase and each user, broken down into individual daily order processes, and the coordination of individual trades such as furniture suppliers, removal companies, security personnel and cleaning service providers. Detailed schedules were adjusted and changed in consultation with the users, works councils and other decision-makers. "This was accompanied by continuous monitoring in order to ensure the desired quality in planning and execution and to be able to meet deadlines and costs," says Töllich. Outside of the construction management function, the team supported BSH's project management with the inventory of old furniture, construction site logistics to supply the construction site with building materials and disposal of waste materials and logging.


"The successful redesign of the BSH Hausgeräte Group headquarters in Munich impressively demonstrates the importance of efficient and precise project management. Meticulous planning, coordination, continuous monitoring and flexibility in dealing with any challenges that arose created a future-oriented working environment for all employees. Our cross-industry experience enables us to use proven methods and knowledge for the benefit of our customers and successfully implement their projects," says Ludger Speier, CEO SOCOTEC Germany.