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CANZLER OnlineIMPULSE 2024: In the spirit of sustainability, innovation and constant change in the world of work!

A new year is just around the corner, and we are launching our CANZLER OnlineIMPULSE full of energy!

The challenges in 2024 cannot be overlooked - the energy crisis requires a rethink towards greater sustainability. In the construction industry, this means thinking more about the use of renewable energies and innovative approaches in the construction industry, such as rethinking existing buildings.

The world of work remains turbulent, characterized by hybrid working, which has become part of everyday life. This has led to empty offices and an impoverishment of corporate culture. AI is a new force - an opportunity or a threat? But new opportunities are also opening up: Inclusion in the world of work as the key to successfully tackling the skills shortage and retaining talent in the long term.

We provide food for thought in our familiar key topics of planning & building, digitalization, sustainability and the workplace. We look at these topics from different angles in order to find solutions together. Join us and shape the future with us!"

Look forward to inspiring talks - online and live at exciting locations! Join us for fascinating discussions and innovative ideas for the future."


Topic preview 1st quarter 2024