Building automation - increased demands on communication and IT security


Lecture 1:      Challenges to IT security in building automation

Speaker:      Prof. Dr. Steffen Wendzel, Hochschule Worms

The lecture looks at various aspects of the IT security of automated buildings. In particular, methods and results of the last ten years from the research of Prof. Wendzel ( will be presented. Most of the methods are related to the field of network-side building security. Furthermore, the presentation provides an insight into the "human aspects" of IT security of automated buildings (end users). In particular, recent projects (e.g. KISAT ( and KIASH ( are considered.


Lecture 2:      BACnet - Secure Connect, Basics of BACnet Extension

Speaker:       Albrecht Person, SAUTER Cumulus GmbH

BACnet/SC is an extension of the BACnet standard and is referred to as "BACnet Secure Connect".
The communicative requirements for building automation have increased. Increasingly, the use of existing IT infrastructures is required. This enables the use of the Internet for data transmission, for example, to connect more distant parts of buildings and properties. Cloud applications also require data transmission via the Internet. In the lecture the basics of this BACnet extension will be explained and an insight into the different possibilities of infrastructures and topologies will be given.


Date:         Tuesday, August 8 , 2019, 4.30 – 7 p.m.


       HAUS DER TECHNIK e.V., Hollestr. 1, 45127 Essen, Room 505

Admission is free. Guests are very welcome.