New Work' after the Pandemic

CANZLER helps companies to develop strategies for the changing world of work after the pandemic.


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CANZLER - Sustainability


The topic of e-charging infrastructure is very complex, so solutions are sought that are practicable and economically viable.

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CANZLER Future Plus

BIM – The digital revolution in construction

At CANZLER the focus has long since been on Building Information Modeling in the planning of buildings, technical fittings, and for facility management.

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CANZLER Value Engineering

Value Engineering in hotel planning

Integrated con­sul­ting approach supports hotel operators and owners in the modernization, maintenance and project development of new buildings.

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CANZLER FM con­sul­ting

Hospitality as a success factor in facility management

CANZLER advises companies on the reorganization of internal service processes and on in- and outsourcing of facility services. Hospitality is a success factor in this regard.

CANZLER crisis project management

Crisis management of distressed projects

Should a crisis occur on a project, swift action is required in order not to endanger the success of the entire project. In situations like this you can rely completely on the experienced experts at CANZLER getting your project back on track for realization.

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CANZLER Workplace concepts

Workplace Strategies

CANZLER advises groups and companies in the strategic development and implementation of cross-location office and workplace concepts and then implements the solutions in close dialogue with its customers.

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CANZLER Energy con­sul­ting

Heating with fuel shortage

CANZLER shows suitable levers for housing companies and their tenants. The focus is on the simplest possible ways of dealing with energy consumption - from heat generation to the heat user.

CANZLER - Professional competence in daily life

Correct ventilation

Correct ventilation must be considered individually depending on weather and outside temperature.

CANZLER - FM and Corona

Coronavirus - effects on facility management

The corona pandemic presents us all with major and unprecedented challenges. Building owners and operators must deal with the short-term closure of properties or meet increased requirements.