Energy design

Should your real estate deliver maximum beneift and earnings but incur minimal running and energy costs?

Thanks to its comprehensive, interdisciplinary specialist knowledge, CANZLER can help you with all questions relating to architecture, building physics, technical fittings, and facade and lighting systems. The result is a holistic energy concept that takes the entire life cycle of your real estate into consideration and delivers a customized solution - regardless of whether for a newbuild or a refurbishment project.


  • Optimization of the interaction between the building sheath, Technical Plant and Equipment, and user needs
  • Minimization of energy expenditure
  • Maximization of return and comfort
  • Reduction of running costs
  • Lower investment costs
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  • Holistic and cross-trade building concept
  • Creation of innovative facade concepts
  • Daylight optimization
  • Development of natural ventilation concepts
  • Indoor climate concepts
  • Simulations in the design process
  • Energy monitoring
  • Life cycle costing
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