Pre-checks according to LEED and DGNB standards, successive DGNB certification to support the marketing and to increase the property value
On behalf of Credit Suisse CANZLER investigated via pre-checks the possibility of LEED or DGNB certification. This was done in a workshop with the planners and the general contractor. Documents necessary for the pre-certification and later on for the certification for DGNB were prepared by CANZLER, including the identi-fication of possible optimisation potential in order to achieve a higher certification level. As part of the pre-certification, CANZLER calculated life cycle costs and life cycle assessment for the new building. The pre-certification and later on the certification scored the certification level ‘Silver‘ according to DGNB.
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Project data

Object details:
Construction of a three-part high-rise office complex
Credit Suisse
Köhler.Archi­tekten BDA
33.000 m2

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