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Cost-efficient implementation of recurrent construction tasks by a standard specs list for planning and realizing the technical equipment
The Teaching Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden (UKD) originated in the early 19th century as the “Chirurgisch-Medizinische Akademie”. Today, it treats 310,000 patients a year and is thus the largest medical facility in Dresden and the entire region. The grounds embrace 100 buildings of different dates, with new builds, expansion and modernization having all occurred. Uniform building specs for planners and implementing companies form the basis for cost-efficient operation of all plants in a facility of this size. CANZLER played a key role in develop standard specs lists for planning and implementation services by all trades involved in technical equipment and supported the developers in compiling the corresponding briefs. Thus, among other things, specialist requirements were devised for product selection requirements, project descriptions and process documentations, thus defining a standard systematic methodology for planning and implementation services. The standard specs lists thus developed optimize construction processes, shorten project lead times, boost planning certainty and reduce investment and follow-up costs. Moreover, they contribute to better quality realization and sustained, cost-efficient building operations.
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Teaching hospital with 26 specialist clinics, 14 interdisciplinary centers and 4 institutes, 310,000 patients annually
Universitätsklinikum Carl Gustav Carus an der Tech­ni­schen Universität Dresden

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