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Revitalization of the oldest high-rise building in Frankfurt in accordance with monument protection regulations with replacement of the facade and accompanying technical modernization
The high-rise building of the Swiss National is the first high-rise building in Frankfurt and a landmark of the city. Designed by the architects Max Meid and Helmut Romeick and completed in 1962, it stands in a prominent position directly on the banks of the Main, between the Untermainbrücke bridge and Frankfurt‘s theatre and marks the entrance to the banking district of the Main metropolis. As an outstanding example of modern architecture, the high-rise building is a listed building. In order to preserve the appearance of the building, all aspects of monument protection had to be taken into account during the revitalization. Together with the involved specialist engineers CANZLER developed a single-skin façade with parallel opening windows. Their opening casements are not visible from the outside when closed, so that the previous appearance of the building with continuous window bands with narrow profiles was preserved. In order to maintain the appearance of the house, an almost transparent solar control glazing was combined with internal sun and glare protection. CANZLER also adapted the building to today‘s requirements of modern building services within the scope of the revitalisation. Furthermore, a modern cooling concept was integrated: The motor-driven parallel opening window sashes are used for night cooling of the building, which considerably reduced the required cooling capacity.
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High-rise office building with 16 upper floors and two basement floors. Refurbishment in accordance with monument protection regulations including facade replacement with parallel opening windows
Nationale Suisse
Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten
8.900 m2

Canzler Plus

Die frühe Integration aller Fachplaner lassen innovative Lösungen entstehen, die die strengen Auflagen des Denkmalschutzes mit einer nachhaltigen und modernen Haustechnik vereinen. Der ganzheitliche Planungsansatz von CANZLER lässt gesellschaftlich akzeptierte und wirtschaftliche Lösungen entstehen.

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