Residential premises for the Lincoln estate

Planning and construction implementation service levels 1-8 for the multi-family new build dwellings as part of the urban development plan to create new living space
The conversion of areas formerly used by the US Army close to downtown offer an opportunity to efficiently increase densities in conurbations. On the grounds of the former “Lincoln Family Housing Area” south of Darmstadt, as part of an urban development project an urban quarter thus arose with housing for about 5,000 people. As part of the development project CANZLER planned residential construction with a 2-story underground carpark for the quarter on a site sized 10,000 m2. The design highlighted six staggered 4-story blocks with a total of 145 apartments. The ground-floor apartments each have small private gardens out front. Two plazas in the middle of the complex zone the outdoor areas, create a meeting point, and invite all age groups to tarry a while. Two circular playgrounds bring life into the greened areas.
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Project data

Object details:
Six new-build 4-story multi-family dwellings with a total of 145 apartments and a 2-story anderground carpark
BVD Verwaltungs-GmbH
Canzler / PMA
28.400 m2

Canzler Plus

The complex residential units stand out for the light and transparent buildings. We emphasized economic viability when realizing the construction measures, with our architects and engineers factoring this in from the preliminary planning onwards.

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