Mühlheim am Main

Residential and urban development

General planning and object supervision for the new construction and the energetic refurbishment of various multi-family houses in the course of urban development
The municipal housing development in Mühlheim had the goal of meeting the growing demand for housing and advancing urban development through continuous renovations and new construction. CANZLER was commissioned with the general planning and site supervision of the renovation and new construction of the residential buildings on the Hausener Weg / Lämmerspieler Straße site. The redevelopment was carried out in occupied condition, whereby the two L-shaped existing buildings were raised by one full floor on the 3-story section. This made it possible to create 5 additional apartments in each case. In addition, the energetic renovation and the installation of new bathrooms took place. The existing loggias were added to the living space and new balconies were introduced. An elevator shaft was introduced to each of the two entrances to the extension. Due to the economic efficiency and to increase the quality of living of all residential units in the building, the elevators were made usable for all floors. For this purpose, it was necessary to dismantle the existing two-flight staircases and replace them with single-flight prefabricated concrete staircases. The new buildings and renovations were carried out in accordance with today's living standards and were designed to be barrier-free, age-appropriate and sustainable.
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Project data

Object details:
New construction and refurbishment/addition of a total of 122 residential units in 2 apartment buildings each
Wohnbau Mühlheim am Main GmbH
CANZLER / Pielok Marquardt Archi­tekten
8.800 m2

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